Maayadaari Alludu in Guntur Distribution Area!

Extra theatres getting added in the 11th hour is nothing unusual. But some theatres like Padmapriya A/C in Kakinada or Sunder Deluxe in Nellore or Rajkamal in VSP are so big that the distributors used to stick to just those theatres while releasing run-of-the mill movies — those that are made with average budgets or those that did not have multiple stars – till mid 80s. But “Maayadaari Alludu” was exhibited in two more theatres  (noon-shows) in spite of releasing in the newly opened ” Pallavi Deluxe” in Guntur. Mayadaari Alludu crossed the I week collections of “Antham Kaadhidhi Aaarambham” @ Bhaskar Deluxe and created a new record for single theatre revenues in Guntur.Extra theatres were added in Ongole and Chirala also.





Superstar’s 3 peat in a calendar year!

3-Peat is the term that came to my mind instantaneously while looking at the release centers list of “PrajaaRajyaam” again.

If not continuously, Superstar Krishna is the first and only hero to have three movies debuting in 4 theatres in a calendar year in a center excluding Hyderabad.

Earlier in the year 1983,“Bezawaada Bebbuli” was released in Rama Talkies, Srinivasa Mahal, RamaKrishna Talkies (Patamata) & Satyanarayana theatre in Singhnagar in Vijayawada.

Oorantha Sankraanthi” was his next film to release in four theatres in the same city. The multi-starrer was released in Annapurna A/C, Saraswathi Picture Palace, RamaKrishna Talkies (Patamata) & RaamGopal (Gunadhala).

Krishna also has another record in the slab system, as he is the only hero to have a movie in 70s (“Alluri Seetha Raama Raaju”) and in 80s (PrajaaRajyam), which went on to complete its 100 days run in the main theatre after releasing in 4 theatres in a city excluding Hyderabad. Both movies reached their milestone at JaiHindh theatre. The latter also completed its direct 10 days run at Vijaya Talkies, Guntur. The socio -political movie was released in 60 theatres00000008-9-page-001-2.jpg

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