Two Town Records within 4 months!

First it was “Saahasamee Naa Oopiri” and then it was “Koduku Diddina Kaapuram”. The two films broke all previous records in Machilipatnam. Interestingly, both films released in the same theatre —Revathy Picture Palace. All in a span of 4 months  in the ultra-competitive 1989.



KDK 2.jpg


KDK record details courtesy : Repalle Fans Book!!

Sardar Krishnama Naidu’s State Record in Nellore!

The ad by my family friend Mr. P. Srinivasula Reddy, has one small mistake. The gross of 1,83,571/- was record for only Andhra & Ceeded areas. “Simhaasanam” collected more than 2 lakhs in its first week at Devi 70MM a/c Hyderabad several months before. Nevertheless, I think no other movie would have had that many screenings in a theatre anywhere in the State after that.


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