Cheppindhi Cheesthaa release anniversary –21/9/1978!

Very bad planning adversely affected the films’ openings. The film did not release in CEEDED and there was tremendous confusion about its’ release in Visakhapatnam. The film was released in Alankar on 29/9/78 and not in Sriram & Jagadamba (2 shows) as originally planned. Nevertheless, it did very well in Guntur (image 4).



CC REL.jpg

CC 10.jpg

39 Years for “Jathagaadu” — 17/9/81!

                           Suresh Productions wanted to make a movie with Superstar Krishna and Boyina Subbaa Rao and even registered a title called Deevudu Naasthikudayyaadu” in 1979 or 1980. But that project did not move forward and Boyina got a chance to direct Krishna in this film.

Jath rel.jpg

Jathagadu cent.jpg

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