39 Years for “Jathagaadu” — 17/9/81!

                           Suresh Productions wanted to make a movie with Superstar Krishna and Boyina Subbaa Rao and even registered a title called Deevudu Naasthikudayyaadu” in 1979 or 1980. But that project did not move forward and Boyina got a chance to direct Krishna in this film.

Jath rel.jpg

Jathagadu cent.jpg

6 thoughts on “39 Years for “Jathagaadu” — 17/9/81!

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  1. Boyina subba rao ku luck ledu. ade samayam lo jagannadha radha chakralu movie kooda release ayyindi anukuntanu. adi pedd chettaga teesadu v madhusudana rao. same triangle love story.


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